Nocne rozmowy z Hanną Wilczyńską-Toczko: Co nam pomaga, a co przeszkadza w komunikacji z innymi, Jadwiga Bytniewska, 2014

Nocne rozmowy z Hanną Wilczyńską-Toczko: Lęk przed bliskością, Alicja Klein, Jadwiga Bytniewska, 2013

Nocne rozmowy z Hanną Wilczyńską-Toczko: Procesy grupowe, Alicja Klein, Adam Chojnacki, 2012

Nocne rozmowy z Hanną Wilczyńską-Toczko: Trudne emocje w relacjach, Alicja Klein, Jadwiga Bytniewska, 2011

The Early Days of Process Work, IAPOP, 2012
mindell_11_min"The unconscious is not un-conscious. It is an essential consciousness manifesting inside my body, manifesting in you, manifesting in my relationships, and everywhere else. And Jung loved that ang I thought I was practising an extension of Jungian psychology in those days. I was not the least being interested in doing my own thing. I was interested of being extending and deepening. I had no agde figures at all at some times. I was just doing research and that was such fun..."

Physics, Dreaming and Extreme States, Arnold Mindell, Madness Radio, 2011
mindell_11_minWhat is reality? Why do people in extreme states feel connected to the universe, and experience uncanny and even supernatural events? Does quantum physics have something to teach us about madness? What if therapists were like indigenous tribal shamans, entering into clients' "psychotic" worlds as if stepping into a dream? Arnold Mindell studied with pioneering scientists Richard Feynman and Norbert Wiener and then became a Jungian therapist and founder of Process Oriented Psychology. He discusses his more than 40 years of work with individuals and groups, including people diagnosed with psychosis, and the ancient belief in a purposeful dreaming reality behind everyday events...

Worldwork, Max Schupbach, Shrink Rap Radio, 2008

From Dreambody to Worldwork, Amy and Arny Mindell, Shrink Rap Radio, 2008

Process Work, Julie Diamond, Shrink Rap Radio, 2007

Process Oriented Counseling, Joe Goodbread, Madness Radio, 2008
joe_3_minCounselor and researcher Joe Goodbread discusses his more than 25 years experience working with madness and extreme states using Process Oriented Psychology, an innovative approach based in the work of Carl Jung and developed by Arnold Mindell. Joe describes listening to the meaning in experience, helping people unfold their states, taoism, dreams, rank differences, and working with the body. Joe is a senior faculty at the Process Work Institute and author of The Dreambody Toolkit and Radical Intercourse...

Deep Democracy and Worldwork, Arnold Mindell, London, 2008

Worldwork, Arnold Mindell, London, 2008

Coma Work: Part 3, Arnold Mindell, Thinking Allowed, 1992

Coma Work: Part 2, Arnold Mindell, Thinking Allowed, 1992

Coma Work: Part 1, Arnold Mindell, Thinking Allowed, 1992

Process Psychology and Your Dreambody, Arnold Mindell, Thinking Allowed, 1992

Introduction to Process Oriented Psychology Part 4, Arnold Mindell, Esalen,1988
mindell_4Arny recommends a dreamwork exercise to train in noticing the kind of dreamwork the "client" is recommending. He describes the concept of the "edge" and leads everyone through an exploration of their own edges. He discusses primary and secondary processes, the way symptoms appear at the edge, and the importance of following the entire process. He concludes by addressing the question What if you don't remember your dreams?...

Introduction to Process Oriented Psychology Part 3, Arnold Mindell, Esalen,1988
mindell_3Arny discusses developing abilities in many sensory grounded channels, why we have so many channels, and asks What is process? He speaks of teleology, and programming versus following. He gives an example of his own childhood dream, talks about positive and negative feedback, and how the best interventions are seen in the expressions people are already making...

Introduction to Process Oriented Psychology Part 2, Arnold Mindell, Esalen,1988
mindell_2Arny leads everyone through an inner work exercise on a body symptom and its connection to dreams. He speaks about the Cartesian split between dreams and the body and why he chose to use information thinking. He gives an example of working with a little girl with a bone tumor and asks What is "healing"? He also speaks about coma work...

Introduction to Process Oriented Psychology Part 1, Arnold Mindell, Esalen,1988
mindell_1Arny speaks about his history and background in science and in Jungian psychology. He speaks about the Dreambody and stresses the importance of unifying psychology with movement, family, political and group work. He stresses the cross cultural nature of process work and its various applications as well as how the healing/medical model integrates with the meaningful nature of body symptoms/experiences...